News: Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt Allows You to 'Snatch' Up Free Beer

Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt Allows You to 'Snatch' Up Free Beer

Free beer and AR? What could be better?

Amstel, a Dutch beer brand, has launched an innovative sampling campaign using an AR app called "Snatch." Snatch is a treasure hunt gaming app, and if you win the game, your prize is 10,000 free pints of Amstel beer, redeemable at Mitchell & Butler pubs.

Snatch was designed specifically for promoting consumer/company engagement. In a statement, Phil Lloyd, Chief Customer Officer at Snatch said:

Snatch is about our brands engaging with consumers in a place they're accepted and welcomed, not interrupting them with advertising. Combining brand rewards, real-world gaming and AR is fairly new territory but it's powerful. Snatch will help trigger a call to action to go in-store (or in this case, a pub) and try Amstel. It also associates the brand with winning and will encourage consumers not just to engage but actively hunt down parcels in the hope they'll be rewarded.

— Phil Lloyd

Snatch uses a mapping system, much like Pokémon Go, to let you know where the nearest parcels are. Once you see one in your area, you are told to click on it and have to "snatch" it from the air using a target located in the center of your screen. If you hold on to your parcel for 6 hours (people are going to try to steal it, you've gotta keep an eye on it) then you get a prize from one of the sponsors that have connected with Snatch, including Amstel. Other sponsors that Snatch works with include Top Shop, Just Eat, and Pizza Hut.

Images by Juliet Gallagher/Gadget Hacks

Other prizes that are being offered from Amstel include three holidays to Amsterdam and 20 bikes to give away. Of the partnership with Snatch, brand director at HEINEKEN – the owner of Amstel – Ifeoma Dozie said:

This is a fantastic app which allows us to engage with consumers in a completely different way using brand new technology. Friends will be able to compete with each other, and then enjoy a refreshing post-game pint...if they keep hold of it!

— Ifeoma Dozie

Snatch is one of many augmented reality apps that are using GPS to send you on a treasure hunt. Besides Pokémon Go, others we've seen include Captain Blimey and Seek.

Amstel Snatch prizes are currently only available in the UK. However, the company plans to expand into the US sometime soon, so get ready to get snatching!

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Cover image via SnatchTV/YouTube
Screenshots by Juliet Gallagher/Gadget Hacks

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