Video Roundup: Look at These Great Examples of What the ARKit Can Do on Your iPhone

Look at These Great Examples of What the ARKit Can Do on Your iPhone

Since its release into the arms of waiting developers, Apple's new ARKit is already making waves in the augmented reality scene. Only a week out and there are already a hefty number of videos appearing on the web showing off various demos with iPhones and iPads.

Generally, with the standard smartphone, AR amounts to seeing the camera view on your screen with something overlayed on it, or in a few cases like Snapchat and Facebook, the added ability to detect faces and overlay masks, accessories, or makeup have become commonplace. The ARKit brings with it a form or markerless surface recognition and tracking that is normally only done through software like Vuforia or on high-end devices like the HoloLens.

This more advanced form of tracking allows developers without the use any additional hardware or software to dig right into some of the features that make augmented reality amazing. Here are just a few of the many videos that we here at Next Reality liked enough to call out as worth seeing.

It appears that aliens have finally arrived. Well about time, where have you been?
Star wars fly in your bedroom. We are pretty sure this will be a common occurrence in the near future.
A happy dancing robot. Just imagine a future where music videos are dynamic and work their way into your space.

If you are a developer looking to get started with development, in this new world of software, make sure and check out our new ARKit 101 tutorial series.

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