Apple AR: Pixie Enlists ARKit to Help You Find Your Keys

Pixie Enlists ARKit to Help You Find Your Keys

When it comes to finding lost things, the joke goes that it's always in the last place you look. With an assist from ARKit, Pixie can make your iPhone the first and last place you look for that missing item.

When iOS 11 drops, the updated Pixie app will guides users with compatible iPhones to the location of an item attached to the Pixie Point fob, with visual indicators displayed on the app's camera view.

The app leverages the 3D tracking tools from ARKit to lock in on the location, with a cloud of "pixie dust" marking the destination. The current app experience, which will still be available to older iPhones, involves a less immersive multi-step guide to the location.

Image by Pixie/YouTube

Like traditional Bluetooth trackers, Pixie Points also emit an audio cue to help users find the belongings. With a range of 150 feet outdoors and up to 50 feet indoors, the Pixie app and fob are capable of locating each other through walls and furniture. Pixie Point can help find a lost iPhone with a dead battery by logging into the Pixie app from another iOS device.

"Just as digital video streaming took over from DVDs, we predict Bluetooth tracking technologies that are based on proximity alerts and audio cues will give way to precise AR location technologies such as Pixie that are able to actually show people where an item is hiding through walls and down-to-inches (SIC)," said Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, CEO and co-founder of Pixie Technology, in a statement provided to Next Reality.

Pixie Points are sold for $29.99 through Pixie and Amazon, with a free iPhone case included. About the size of your average keychain bottle opener, the device is dust and water resistant to IP67 standards, and its battery runs for 12 months.

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Cover image via Pixie/YouTube

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