Apple AR: Quickly Find Your Friends in Crowded Places with Neon App

Quickly Find Your Friends in Crowded Places with Neon App

Going to music festivals is one of the best parts of the summer — Which is probably why thousands of people attend them. With numbers like that, trying to find and meet up with your friends can be difficult and intimidating. Thanks to Apple's ARKit, however, you'll soon be able to locate your friends in a crowd using an app.

The app is called "Neon" and was created by a company by the same name to be the world's first social AR messaging platform. Neon allows you to leave 3D AR messages for friends wherever you go which friends can find using a mapping system. Now, Neon is offering even more features, including the ability to locate your friend in a crowd.

The company tested this feature at a music festival called "Outside Lands". The demo shows a mapping system searching for contacts around you. The app then transfers you to a "Users Nearby" page where you can tap who you want to find. Once you tap the person you're trying to find, you'll be taken to your camera where you will be able to see how many meters away your friend is. Then, a large arrow will appear above their location, guiding you to where you need to go.

The Neon app is not just for music festivals, however. The app can also be used in any crowd to locate a friend. Neon has the potential to eliminate the stress of searching a crowd for who you're looking for and can make going places with big crowds much safer in general.

If you want to try this app, you can sign up for the beta now on Neon's website. By signing up, you will also receive an email notification when the app is released officially in the app store.

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