Apple AR: Vogue App Shines an AR Spotlight on iPhone X Owners

Vogue App Shines an AR Spotlight on iPhone X Owners

When it comes to identifying what's fashionable on the runway, including cutting edge tech that bleeds into the mainstream of style, Vogue magazine stands at the top of the list.

So it's fitting that the fashion tastemaker has now updated its iOS app with an AR camera effect that's available only on the in-demand iPhone X.

The iPhone X exclusivity isn't just because the device is popular; the effect depends on the device's TrueDepth camera. Dubbed the Vogue Effect, the app allows fashionistas to adorn their selfies with virtual glitz and glamour by way of a virtual spotlight through Messages. They can then share their vanity with friends via photos or video.

Images via Vogue, Meghan Griffith/WonderHowTo

The results, however, could have come off the rack at T.J. Maxx. At left (above) is an animation of the effect that Vogue shared on its site. To the right is the real-life experience with the app. As you can see, the edge detection is far from precise. Maybe Vogue airbrushed its gif?

Vogue is no stranger to introducing new Apple tech to the fashion world. In what was then an unusual move for a tech company, Apple placed a 12-page ad placement in Vogue to promote the first-generation Apple Watch. The magazine also gave its seal of approval to the wearables line with favorable coverage.

Despite flaws in execution, the Condé Nast publication's attempt at AR could still give the iPhone X a boost in the envy-creation department.

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Cover image via Vogue

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