Apple AR: Starfox AR Uses iPhone X to Turn Your Face into a Level Boss

Starfox AR Uses iPhone X to Turn Your Face into a Level Boss

An AR/VR developer has managed to use the iPhone X to transport players into an emulation of the classic '90s video game Star Fox as the game's antagonist.

The demo comes courtesy of developer Rigel Benton, who concocted the revision of the Super Nintendo classic as part of VR Austin Jam 2017.

Image via Rigel Benton

Using the iPhone X's TrueDepth camera system, players use their facial expressions to control Andross, the big baddie of the game. Players turn their heads to aim, open their mouths to fire projectiles, and close their eyes to go invisible.

Sadly, it's safe to assume that this particular game won't make it to the App Store anytime soon, what with copyright laws being what they are. However, it does demonstrate what could be possible in terms of gaming on the iPhone X. So don't be surprised if people making faces at their smartphones becomes a thing.

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Cover image via Rigel Benton/YouTube

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