Apple AR: Mobile App Lets You Organize Your Meal Options with Event Planner

Mobile App Lets You Organize Your Meal Options with Event Planner

If you've ever organized an event, you know how chaotic it can be. Event planners are essential, but even so, taking the time to make sure it's organized and everyone is getting what they want can be stressful. Especially when you have to account for what every person is eating at the event, what their toppings are, and how they'd like their meal cooked.

Luckily, there will soon be an app to help you keep things organized in an easy and timely manner, thanks to Apple's ARKit.

A demo of the app was posted on YouTube, created by Pulsar VR. The tentative title for the app is "Augmented Gourmet." The company has been striving to create interactive apps that "solve real problems", according to their website, and Augmented Gourmet is just the latest in their line of innovative AR uses. The company hopes that with the right technology, this app will be available for Android users as well as iOS users.

The demo has users opening a planner where 3D AR illustrations of the meal options appear. From there, you are able to select which meals are for which guest and personalize the meal according to the guest's desires. You are then able to share and save the completed meal through various platforms such as Messenger, Gmail, LinkedIn, Skype, and Facebook. Once the option is shared and saved, you can simply flip to the next page in the planner for the next meal option to save for your next guest.

There is no word on when this app will be released for iOS users, but I'm hoping it comes around the time of iOS 11's official release. This would be a lot of fun to use.

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Cover image via Pulsar VR/YouTube

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