Apple AR: New Demo Shows Off the Possibilities of Location Based Gaming

New Demo Shows Off the Possibilities of Location Based Gaming

The world of gaming has never been cooler thanks to Apple's ARKit. From AR arcade games to giant god battles to Pac-Man, we've seen our fair share of awesome and innovative games.

Now, ARKit developer NK has created a location based gaming platform that molds aspects of the game flawlessly into our world.

The demos have users walking up to a key posted on the side of a road that they can link their phones up to. Once you've linked your phone, your world expands with dozens of 3D objects and characters around for you to interact with and battle. This opens up a world of possibilities because it's location based, meaning "you can map the planes of a site in advance so the user doesn't need to do it. It also means you can add features to the scene, like vertical planes that ARKit can't detect" according to NK.

The first demo has a fox appearing at your side to convince you to help save his friends from monsters. You then have to wander around the area that the game is tied to and find clues as to where the monsters could be hiding the fox's friends, before fighting the monsters yourself. The other demo is a ball game prototype, featuring balls bouncing off a subway platform onto the tracks. These demos both show promise in that the aspects of the game are designed specifically for the area you're in and aren't just an overlay over any area you point your phone at.

NK hasn't specified when or if these games will see the light, but his demos prove that location based AR gaming is definitely something to get excited about.

Check out the full demos here!

Images by NK/Giphy (1, 2)

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