Apple AR: Become Pac-Man with Immersive Augmented Reality Game

Become Pac-Man with Immersive Augmented Reality Game

There have been many classic games that have been rebooted thanks to Apple's ARKit, including Tetris, but none have been quite so immersive as this one. YouTube user KobiSnir has created an augmented reality Pac-Man game where you are Pac-Man, dubbed "ARMan."

The game looks as weird and fascinating as it sounds. Essentially, it projects a large Pac-Man maze into the world around you. It includes everything that the classic '80s game had including the "Pac-Dots" and, of course, the four ghosts. However, since this game is still in development, not all of the ghosts are fully solid. As Pac-Man, you move through the maze by walking and collect all of the dots to get points and advance to the next level, while doing your best to avoid the ghosts.

The immersive Pac-Man game seems like a ton of fun but probably will look weird if you're walking around in a box shape by yourself while staring at your iPhone. Still, the opportunity to be Pac-Man seems too good to pass up, which makes us hopeful that we'll see this developed in the future.

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