Apple AR: Demo Shows How Augmented Reality Will Make Advertising More Immersive

Demo Shows How Augmented Reality Will Make Advertising More Immersive

Companies are already clamoring to figure out strategies for integrating augmented reality into their advertising platforms. AR is going to become a huge asset to marketers, and Apple's ARKit is only going to help that along. Mixed reality producer Bilawal Singh Sidhu has given us a sneak peek of what the world of advertising could be with the ARKit.

The video demo that he posted on his Twitter and YouTube Channel uses the iPhone 7 as an example of what AR advertising will be. In the video, he approaches the AR model of the iPhone 7 and, as he does, the smartphone not only gets bigger and switches on but statistics and images start to appear on the screen as well as on the ground. The statistics show some of what's new about the iPhone 7 as a voice talks about it. There is also an option to hit to learn more about the phone's Retina HD display.

When he walks around the back of the projected image, there is more data about the phone as well as the option to trade up to get it. What's even cooler, as the user walks to the front of the phone, you can see his reflection in the screen even though it's just a digitalized projected image. The reflection makes the iPhone even more realistic thanks to 360-degree video camera capturing.

If advertising is going to be like this after the ARKit is released, ads are going to get much more immersive and interesting.

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Cover image via Billy3D's Imaginfinity Channel/YouTube

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