News: Burberry Teams with Google Search to Let You Browse High Fashion in Augmented Reality

Burberry Teams with Google Search to Let You Browse High Fashion in Augmented Reality

Just days ago, Georgio Armani canceled his live show in Milan and opted to stream it instead due to coronavirus concerns. Now, at the start of Paris Fashion Week — shadowed by similar worries — Burberry has launched an augmented reality tool that lets you view the latest high fashion from the comfort of your home.

The international brand has harnessed the powers of Google Search to allow tech-centric fashionistas to experience its latest creations in immersive AR.

Now when you enter a search for either the "Burberry Black TB" bag or the "Arthur Check Sneaker" in Google, the search results will include an AR option (shown as a "View in 3D" button) that allows you to place the product in your real-world setting easily.

No app is needed, and it works just like Google's other AR-enabled animal-related search terms, which allow you to view the 3D asset in AR or as a 3D construct on a plain background. (For the best results, we suggest using the Chrome browser.)

Images via Burberry

At present, there's no e-commerce component included in the Burberry Google AR experience, but this first test balloon promises a huge opportunity for future AR shopping cart-enabled search experiences that merge seamlessly Google's existing vast, multi-billion dollar advertising inventory

Burberry's Google AR experiment comes just a few months after the brand used AR to help launch a major new store in Tokyo's luxury-focused Ginza district. During the opening event, guests were able to scan QR codes to launch virtual experiences, as well as use a separate AR lens to discover virtual deer on the streets around the store.

Image via Burberry

Following the example of the art world, the fashion industry hasn't been shy about diving into the AR space to help promote products, with new and wildly inventive AR marketing experiences appearing nearly every month.

As for the Google AR product experience, we can expect to see an increase in this kind of 3D interaction on the search giant in the coming months as more brands begin to discover the power of immersive marketing.

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Cover image via Burberry

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