Apple AR: Animated Charts Will Make Your Business Meetings More Engaging

Animated Charts Will Make Your Business Meetings More Engaging

It's certain that the release of Apple's ARKit is going to be game changing for businesses.

This demo video was created by YouTube user hdsenevi who used the ARKit to create a simple bar chart. The chart has adjustable settings, allowing the user to make each bar larger or smaller and change their colors. Not only that, but there is an "animate" option.

This is particularly cool for business meetings if a company wants to show a change in data midway through a conversation. Instead of having to create a totally new bar graph, the graph simply animates right in front of you. And augmented reality projects a 3D model of it anywhere which makes it more interesting to look at than a 2D screen drawing.

Check out how to run a demo of this here on your iPhone 6s or later with the latest iOS that contains the ARKit Framework.

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Cover image via hdsenevi/YouTube

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