Apple AR: CurioPets Demo Is Nintendogs but with Magical Adventures

CurioPets Demo Is Nintendogs but with Magical Adventures

Augmented reality dogs have been a big hit with developers using Apple's ARKit. RoVR hit YouTube a few days ago and people have been clamoring for it ever since. Not to mention the Good Dogs Game created by the people behind the famous We Rate Dogs Twitter.

It seems everyone has the AR dog bug, and the game CurioPets is no exception, except they've offer augmented reality dogs with a twist.

The demo was posted by CurioPets on YouTube and features everything you could want in a virtual pets game. Cute dog, games of fetch, unlockable accessories, and, of course, magic. That's right. In this world, your dog is magic and wants to help you fight off evil drones and ships that may enter your backyard.

Sounds good to me.

The demo shows how you can travel to different locations and use your pet to find hidden treasures and rare items. Your surprisingly intelligent dog will rummage through the items until they find the accessory they feel suits them best, like a Mickey-Mouse-looking sorcerer's hat. You can play fetch with your dog, but more importantly, you can fight off giant monsters with your pup's laser eyes. There are also mini games that you can play with friends by connecting your accounts and fighting off bad guys with both of your pets or versing them to see which pet reigns supreme. Don't forget, however, that much like the classic game Nintendogs, you have to remember to feed and wash your pet before going on any adventures or they'll lose health points.

CurioPets sounds like a great way to have the cuteness of the dogs along with interesting and fun games that make it more than your average virtual pet app.

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Cover image via CurioPets/YouTube

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