Apple AR: Augmented Reality TARDIS Really Is Bigger on the Inside

Augmented Reality TARDIS Really Is Bigger on the Inside

If you're a Doctor Who fan, you've likely always hoped to see that iconic blue box appear on your doorstep with the Doctor asking you to come on an adventure. With the 13th Doctor just announced, this seems like the perfect time to tell you that thanks to Apple's ARKit, exploring the TARDIS is now possible!

Creative developers at up and coming AR company GeneReal are hard at work in creating what they promise will be "the most astonishing AR game ever," according to their website. In the meantime, however, their leader, who goes by Lauri, has been playing around with some ARKit projects, including the TARDIS which has garnered a lot of attention.

The demo shows the TARDIS materializing on a city street. As the user walks around the blue police box, the doors swing open revealing the famous, high-tech interior.

The details on the interior are astounding. While there is no way to capture all of the rooms, corridors, and dimensions that the TARDIS holds, there is a fully equipped console room to explore. The user is able to walk around the console room and examine the videos of other dimensions on screens connected to the main power source. The complete effect is a cool way to feel like you've truly stepped into the Doctor's world.

While we're excited for the AR games that GeneReal is developing, we're kind of hoping that they further develop the TARDIS, too.

Check out the full demo here. Allons-y!

Image by BBC/Giphy

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Cover image via Doctor Who/YouTube

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