Apple AR: 'Ancients AR' Game from Immersion VR Is Battleship on Steroids

'Ancients AR' Game from Immersion VR Is Battleship on Steroids

Sending fleets of ships into battle as an ancient Nordic god? Sign me up.

Mixed reality development company Immersion VR announced in May of this year that they would be developing a game called "The Ancients" in both AR and VR with artist Jakub Rozalski. Since then, they have released a few prototype videos as demos of the upcoming game including a preview of their water animation, ships sailing the sea in a storm, and a naval battle playing out on their office floor. All of this has led to the preview posted today of their upcoming game made with Apple's ARKit.

The game itself is similar to Battleship in that you have to strategize and plan in order to blow up your enemy's fleet, except that you're an ancient god-like creature and so is your enemy. The demo shows how the gods face off, standing in waist-deep animated water with ships sailing across from each other. By directing things where you'd like them to go, you can move the ships and attack the enemy with missiles and cannons until their life force (which floats over each ship) is drained.

There is still much we don't know about this game — like what the actual premise is and why these ancient gods are so angry — but it seems like the object of the game is to sink the opposing player's battleships. Which is a familiar premise, but the ancient gods twist has us looking forward to this game from Immersion VR that currently does not have a release date.

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Cover image by Jakub Rozalski

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Nice article and thanks for sharing..but shouldn't the comparison be more like "Tanks" than Battleship?

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