Apple AR: Play a Classic Arcade Claw Game with Augmented Reality

Play a Classic Arcade Claw Game with Augmented Reality

One of the defining parts of my childhood was getting extremely frustrated with claw machines at arcades. Usually, that was because as fun as they were, they were probably rigged and wouldn't actually grab anything. Which is why a new claw machine demo made with Apple's ARKit is all the fun of the game, without the rigged frustration.

The game demo was posted online by game development company BZ Fingers and is tentatively called "AR UfoCatcher." The video demonstrates how to make the claw game appear, the game spinning to life and filling with baubles and prizes. The goal is to avoid the little balls and go for the big prizes like a deer stuffed animal or an ice cream. The more prizes you win, the more points you get. It seems easy enough, except you're still dealing with trying to find exactly the right angle and position to grab your desired prize.

Ok, so maybe there's going to be a little bit of frustration with this game, but isn't that what makes it fun?

BZ Fingers claims that the game is a rough prototype right now, but that they definitely are going to develop it and want to take their audiences through the journey "step by step."

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Cover image via BZ Fingers/YouTube

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