Apple AR: 5th Wall Agency Creates Portal to Step into Sports Games

5th Wall Agency Creates Portal to Step into Sports Games

Things are getting more and more interdimensional thanks to Apple's ARKit. We've previously seen some portals work at play with Rainforest Garage and the Interdimensional Portal by Nedd. These demos have only made developers more curious as to what they can do with ARKit portals.

5th Wall Agency, a VR/AR studio based in Montreal, released a video of a portal in their office that they called "a favorite demo" in the description. It shows an augmented reality door projected into the office. Once the person holding the camera steps through the door, he is immediately immersed in a soccer game. The game is between Portuguese football clubs Benfica and Porto and lets the user be able to stop and look around thanks to a 360-degree video of the stadium, with a door to the real world being the only indication that he's not actually there.

This could mean big things for making sports games more immersive. Instead of just catching the game on a screen, ARKit opens up the possibility of sports fans being able to step out of their houses (or offices) and onto the fields.

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