Apple AR: Museum of Flight Gives Tours Inside the First Boeing 737

Museum of Flight Gives Tours Inside the First Boeing 737

Education opportunity is a big part of what makes Apple's ARKit so exciting. The Museum of Flight in Seattle is taking full advantage of that with their new platform prototype.

The company partnered with digital media company Tosolini Productions to create an immersive virtual tour of the first Boeing 737 plane. The museum has many planes on display, but since many of them are so old, visitors are unable to take a look inside of them for safety and preservation reasons. The AR experience helps with that by allowing visitors to see the planes exteriors, and then virtually explore the interior using their iPads and iPhones.

The company already has a VR version of this that you can look at on your computer right now, but it doesn't compare to being near the actual plane in person while taking the door.

The demo shows a portal, much like those we've seen previously, that users can walk into and see the plane's interior. While the interior is definitely stylized, it's detailed down to which fire hydrant went where thanks to 3D photography. You are able to walk all the way to the front of the plane, to where the pilot would have sat in this digitalized version of the original Boeing 737.

The Museum says in the video that they hope to be the most educational air and space museum in the world. ARKit applications like this will certainly help them to create an immersive, innovative new way to tour what visitors haven't been able to before.

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Cover image via Paolo Tosolini/YouTube

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