Apple AR: Watch This Phone Levitate Before Your Eyes

Watch This Phone Levitate Before Your Eyes

Sometimes the demos for Apple's ARKit are so good that it almost looks like magic. A recent demo, in particular, shows exactly what kind of magic tricks you can perform using the ARKit.

The demo was posted by @LaanLabs on Twitter. Laan Labs creates apps and are known for their other ARKit demonstration, ARuler. This demo is not as complex as ARuler, but it's certainly fun.

The video shows a user placing an iPhone on a countertop and then seconds later, the phone starts to rise and twirl over the countertop, right above where it had just been.

Not to ruin the suspension of disbelief, but what's really cool about this demo is how perfect they were able to make the AR replica of the original iPhone, down to the number of notifications on each app and the details on the back of the phone. The 3D nature of the projection along with the accuracy make it look like the phone really is floating in mid-air, which is a pretty cool trick in our book.

Check out the full video here!

Image by LaanLabs/Giphy

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Cover image via LaanLabs

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