Apple AR: Prepare to Rage in Real Life with Augmented Reality 'Flappy Bird'

Prepare to Rage in Real Life with Augmented Reality 'Flappy Bird'

You will soon be able to play an AR version of one of the most frustrating mobile games of all time, thanks to Apple's ARKit.

We all remember the game "Flappy Bird." It took the nation by storm, making millions fast. People became addicted to trying to get that little bird to successfully fly between obstacles without crashing. And then as fast as Flappy Bird rose, it fell when the game's creator pulled it from app stores, due to what he said was anger at the game for "ruining his life."

Since then, many games similar to Flappy Bird have appeared, with the same premise but a different design. Now the game is getting an AR-redesign thanks to YouTube user Goran Vuksic. He created an augmented reality Flappy Bird-style game for iPhone using the ARKit that works just the same as the old game did, where you have to give the bird the right amount of taps in order to clear the obstacles. The only difference is, the playing field is projected into reality.

At the end of the demo video, Vuksic promises that we'll be seeing this game soon in the iOS App Store.

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Cover image via Goran Vuksic/YouTube

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