How To: Cheat at Pokémon GO Without Getting Banned

Cheat at Pokémon GO Without Getting Banned

Gotta catch 'em all, right? That's easier said than done, considering that Pokémon GO has region-specific characters that you may never get a chance to see. Sure, you can spoof your GPS location to make the augmented reality game think you're at a different spot on the map, but Niantic Labs seems to be catching on to this method, and some users have been soft-banned for a few hours after trying it.

The problem here is that Pokémon GO now knows when you've enabled mock locations in Android's Developer options menu—therefore, we only need to hide this setting from the game in order to cheat again. Well, that's exactly what a handy Xposed module from developer Brandon Nalls does, so if you're rooted, you can now safely change your location without ever leaving the house.

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Big shout-out to WonderHowTo member swedax94 for the tip.


Step 1: Install 'Mock Mock Locations'

For starters, you'll need to install the Xposed module that prevents apps from being able to tell when you have mock locations enabled. So head to the Download section in your Xposed Installer app, search for Mock Mock Locations, then tap the top result. From here, swipe over to the Versions tab, then hit the "Download" button next to the most recent entry. Next up, tap "Install," then make sure to activate the module and reboot when that's finished.

Step 2: Disable WiFi & Cell Network Locations

When you get back up, head to the Location menu in Settings. From here, select the "Mode" option, then set it to "Device only." This will prevent your phone from using other location sources such as your Wi-Fi and cell network connections, so when you spoof your GPS location later, that will be the only location Pokémon GO can see.

Then, if your device is running Android Marshmallow or higher, head back to the main Location menu, then tap the three-dot menu button, and choose "Scanning." From here, disable both options to make sure your device doesn't use any other source to determine your location.

Step 3: Install a GPS Spoofing App

At this point, you can safely use a GPS-spoofing app to fake your device's location without worrying about getting banned. We've covered this process in detail, so make sure to check out the full guide below.

Step 4: Spoof Your Location Without Getting Banned

With everything set up now, all you have to do is use your GPS-spoofing app to change your location, then you'll be able to catch Pokémon from all over the world. It would be best if you clear the Pokémon GO app from your recent apps menu before you change locations, just to be on the safe side.

One thing to consider, though, is that Pokémon GO could theoretically see that you're moving around faster than humanly possible, which could lead to a soft ban. So don't change your location too much in one shot—instead, use your GPS-spoofing app to move only a few miles at a time, and you should have nothing to worry about.

(1) Before GPS spoofing. (2) And after.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Dallas Thomas/NextReality


Thank you for linkin me :)
@Dallas Thomas (PS i changed my name)

No problem, thank YOU for the tip!

Could this work on samsung galaxy's yes or no?

owh :v . it's works. thanks guys

Every time i try to enable "mock locations" it disables itself as soon as i change app.. :/

How did you activate it?
With your GPS-Fake App?

Try to activate it manualy with this:
Go to Android Settings -> Status (it can called "Systeminformation" etc. too)

You see Your Android Version Kernel Version etc. Now click on "Buildnumber" 7 times and you will activate the Developer Mode.

At last you have got the Devloper mode between your different Settings in your Android Settings. Click it and change mock-location.

same as me too, when i enabled it from developer option, it always disables automatically as soon as i change apps..... any clue how to fix it?

Hi, I did all those things.
But it keep sending me back to my real location, and then move back again to GPS-spoof location.

can someone help me with this?

This may not work on older versions of Android. What phone and OS version are you running?

Try to set GPS Mode in your Android Settings to "Device only".

This method doesn't work. If I use the xposed module to block apps from knowing I allow mock locations, then the GPS-Spoofing app wont allow me to set a mock location, because it thinks mock location is disabled! So in order to use the mock location app, you have to disable the module and thus it defeats the object!

I'm thinking that might have something to do with your Android version. Both of the apps and mods involved here should work on Android 5.0 or higher, what version are you running? It also could have something to do with a manufacturer skin. Are you using a Samsung device with TouchWiz, or LG/HTC?

I have a one plus x with 5.1.1 and i have the same issue.

when i enable the module mock mock location in the xposed installer, I can't set my "fake location" ("Simulierte Standorte") on.

I can set it on, but as soon as i close the options it jumps back to off.
When i turn the mock mock location module of it works, but as soon as i turn it back, the issue comes again.

Thanks for letting me know the version numbers. It seems like the Xposed module has some issues with some devices, but just in case, have you tried using a different GPS-spoofing app?

If that doesn't work, you can try using this brand new Xposed module that does the exact same thing as Mock Mock Locations. It may work better on your particular device.

WOW that was fast.

The issue with the settings is gone.

When i start pokemon go the message comes, that it cant find the signal, but that may be because i messed it up 2 hours ago.

I have to test it tomorrow, but thx a lot.

""ok i checked it.
i got a signal, when i switched of "simulated location" in the settings.

i tried the new modul with floater fake location and fake gps free.
Both didn't work... too bad""

Big Big sry, it was only on me, i was to stupid. I had to open the app and select pokemon go.
It works amazing. Thx a lot

I tried Locito (you can do pathing GPS), for your eggs ;) and Fake GPS Location (to Jump)

Try to set Mock Location, then activate Mock Mock Location!

Worked for me Galaxy S5 Android 6.0.1

Try to activate Mock Location, then activate Mock Mock Location!

If you guys are still having issues, you could try another GPS-spoofing app. There's a new one called Floater - Fake Location that works well for me, plus it has a floating interface that you can use to change locations easier.

If that still doesn't work, uninstall the Mock Mock Locations module, then try installing this module instead. It does the exact same thing (keeps apps from knowing when you've enabled mock locations), but it may work better on some devices.

do you have to root your android device?
My device is a ASUS KO1A
pokemon go works on my tablet somehow even though the play store said its not compatible

I tried this and not only did it not work but now I have this little red block at the top that says "failed to detect location" it's been this way for over an hour and idk what to do. I deleted the apps I downloaded for the hack and changed all my settings back to normal but still the red box is there. Am I banned?

That doesn't sound like a ban. Have you tried rebooting? If that doesn't work, try clearing cache (NOT data) on the Pokemon GO app by heading to Settings -> Apps, then selecting Pokemon GO and pressing "Clear cache." If you're on Marshmallow or higher, go to that same menu, then head to the "Storage" menu inside of it to clear cache.

Beyond that, try opening Google Maps, then tap the location in the bottom right corner so that it can get a lock on your GPS position. Once it does, clear Pokemon GO from your recent apps, then reopen it.

Where do you find the Xposed Installer from Brandon?
I already have the Hide Mock Location

Set GPS Mode to "WLAN and GPS"
If you hack "Device Only"

Seems to be a Problem with your GPS, not a ban.

Followed your guides for the requirements. Can't seem to get TWRP on my S6 Edge. Everytime I do it, I get the message "Recovery is not seandroid enforcing".

This is the wrong section abaout TWRP. TWRP is a BAckup an Recoverysyste .Maybe XDA Forum can help you.

Just a heads this is still going to get you banned this not a bypass, I don't think Niantic will take this lightly so with the data they are collect i think they will just ban accounts, (ip and Mac address). There is a way to bypass this but if I said then it would be all over the Internet don't spoof Niantic is already aware of this method and many other they are not new to this business

When i open my Google maps... My location is Jumpin between real and fake one..

You have to set GPS Mode in your Android Settings to "Device Only"

I have tried all steps that u gave, and it says failed to get location as soon as i open pokemon go. It happened when i check mock location option on delveloper option, but when i use fake gps aplication, it should turn mock location on and the issues happened again. I am running android lolipop 5.0.2. Could u give us the toturial how to cheat pokemon go on andoird lolipop?

There is something wrong with mine too. I keep moving from my location to the fake one. My phone is a Nexus 6, android 6.0.1. I rooted it, installed xposed and the mock mock module, downloaded the fake gps app without any problem. I tried the other module and gps programms too but I have the same result. The avatar is moving from one location to another. How can I fix it?

Do you changed the "Pseudo-Location Settings" in your Devloper Settings on Android to your App?

Deactivate Mock Mock in Xposed Installer. Restart. Go to Devloper Settings -> Set Mock Location on and put your app in Pseudo-Location (it can be called different). Then Reactivate Mock mock Location in Xposed and Restart.

If it's doesn't work check if you had set GPS Mode in your Android Settings to "Device Only"

you mean to select mock location app, right? yes i have already done that, of course and I had the gps to "device only" as shown on the video

I can't recommend it.

I tried it and now the PokéStops don't give me shit and Pokémon will break out off the Pokéball and run away everytime. Even if I use a berry and a Superball, level 10 Pokémon won't be caught.

I reinstalled the App several times, but that didn't help.
I guess my game is fucked now.

Actually everything is working for me, I have fakeGPS installed and it works with my pokemon go. But my avatar in game is literally movig around. So I literally can't get anything from pokestops, cought some pokemons tho. But this issue is annoying. Does anyone know how to fix it?

I'm not sure if this is the problem, but I ran into something similar at first. The solution for me was to disable all non-GPS location sources, because the game was getting conflicting data from the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location services. The stuff in Step 2 here is what fixed it for me. Your Settings menus might not look exactly like that, but try poking around and disabling everything except for GPS.

I haven't found anything else turned on. Thank you for your advice I'm going to try to figure something out :)

it didnt work for me and now everytime i try to catch something it jumps out and runs away evan low cp guys pls help ... pls

Guys plz help me I have a mi note 3 and I don't want to root it but I want to use fake gps but none of top rated apps from play store works on it

My phone - mi note 3
Android -5.1.1

Plz help

it defnitely wont work i have a note 3 also. i tried without root.

Hi guys great write up. Might come under fire for this one but I'm an iPhone user who's looking to not get banned using Gps spoofing/remote controlling my Pokemon go with a joystick on screen ... Any ideas? :/

can anyone verify of this method still works?

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