News: This May Be the Cutest Way to Get Directions Ever

This May Be the Cutest Way to Get Directions Ever

Have you ever looked down to your phone and said "This GPS app works well, but why isn't it cuter?" Well, you're in luck! Tokyo's Sunrise Aquarium has what might be the cutest way to navigate to their facility—just follow the penguins!

The Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan noticed that people were having a problem finding them, with the subway station being over 1 kilometer (around 1100 yards) away. They set out to find a cute and clever way to get rid of this problem.

Once Penguin NAVI is downloaded onto your Android or iOS device, you will be able to see a group of realistic penguins on your device's screen. The penguins will lead you to the aquarium while simultaneously making you squeal and giggle with delight.

Frankly, a GPS app that uses augmented reality to have cute animals guide me to my destination seems like a dream come true—I mean, I'd let these penguins guide me to my kitchen if I could.

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