News: 7-Eleven Joins Forces with 'Deadpool 2' for Augmented Reality App & In-Store Experience

7-Eleven Joins Forces with 'Deadpool 2' for Augmented Reality App & In-Store Experience

With the theatrical premiere of Deadpool 2 less than two weeks away, the hype train for the sequel to 2016's surprise R-rated hit is gaining steam, and augmented reality is on board for the ride.

The marketing superheroes behind the movie have teamed up with 7-Eleven, which is hosting the augmented reality experience in its mobile app for iOS and Android and in its stores starting Monday. AR company Zappar designed the experience, according to a 7-Eleven spokesperson.

Clicking the camera icon on the app's home screen (the one with "Meet Deadpool" scrawled beneath it and an arrow pointing to it and the circle drawn around it) launches the experience.

Three front-facing camera effects, Doodlepool, Deadpool Dream, and Slurpee Selfie (which also works with the rear-facing camera), are available by default, enabling users to capture wacky selfies that they can share via social media or publish in posts about the app. To unlock the remaining experiences you'll need to visit a 7-Eleven store, where users can view other AR treats and snag 7Rewards bonus points for items like food and free slurpees.

"Fans can interact with Deadpool and have fun experiences in the 7-Eleven app, unlocking different experiences each week exclusively in the stores nationwide and in Canada," said Gurmeet Singh, chief digital and chief information officer of 7-Eleven, Inc. in a statement provided to Next Reality.

"The fans will also be able to share their interactions with Deadpool inside a 7-Eleven store with family and friends. We think Deadpool fans will love seeing him come to life in our stores."

While the breakout success of Deadpool can be attributed to its irreverent humor and actor Ryan Reynolds almost literally becoming the character, the movie's unique marketing campaign also played a significant role, eventually winning industry awards.

"Deadpool definitely left an impression at their stores," said Zachary Eller, the executive vice president of marketing partnerships at 20th Century Fox. "Great to see that 7-Eleven has truly embraced the 'creative genius' that is Deadpool with this program."

Cover and animated images via Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

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