Apple AR: Microsoft Developer Lets You Move a Monster Army with Your Phone

Microsoft Developer Lets You Move a Monster Army with Your Phone

Controlling a tiny monster army is not something I'd ever thought I'd be able to do, but it looks like Apple's ARKit is going to make it possible.

Microsoft developer Egor Bogatov has been working on a strategy game for the past few weeks and has uploaded demos every step of the way to YouTube. Previously we've seen sound tests, stress tests, and navigation tests from him, and now it looks like we're finally seeing a prototype of how he's moving some of the characters.

The demo shows a horde of terrifying looking monsters that were made from Mixamo, an animated character studio. The tiny army marches through the user's living room, following the user's guidance, they're able to control the creatures by marking where they want the monsters to march with a target. Bogatov is also able to knock the monsters over at will.

We don't know if the game will ever see the light, but it would be incredibly cool to have a small monster army running around your house. Now they just need someone to fight against. Maybe your cat?

Check out the full demo on Bogatov's Twitter.

Image by Egor Bogatov/Giphy

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Cover image via Egor Bogatov/Twitter

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