News: Crayola Color Blaster Brings New AR Adventures to Tango-Powered Android Devices

Crayola Color Blaster Brings New AR Adventures to Tango-Powered Android Devices

Legacy Games, developer of mobile games for children, has just updated Crayola Color Blaster, an augmented reality Android adventure for Google Tango devices, with new content.

"Paint My Dragon," a new storyline available as an in-app purchase ($2.99), brings dragons, ogres, and other fantasy-based creatures to life. A new arcade mode, enabling faster-paced action, and the original zombie story are playable at no cost.

Trailer for Crayola Color Blaster's "Zombies Ate the Color!" storyline.

One of 35 Tango applications introduced last year alongside the Lenovo Phab2 Pro, Crayola Color Blaster leverages motion tracking and depth sensing to generate "life-sized" animated characters over the device's camera view. Players succeed by coloring the holographic characters and environments based on the story.

Images by Legacy Games/Google Play

We are thrilled to have worked with Crayola and Google in the creation of this innovative children's app. Crayola Color Blaster is one of the first kid's titles to demonstrate how Tango's technology enables new and exciting play patterns. Our game is a mixture of coloring and tag…only possible when your mobile device understands its position relative to the world around it.

If you want to give this augmented reality game a shot, Crayola Color Blaster is available through the Google Play Store for Tango-compatible Android devices.

Have you played the game? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Cover image via Legacy Games/Google Play

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