News: Scandy Gives Tango Owners a Taste of 3D Scanning

Scandy Gives Tango Owners a Taste of 3D Scanning

Mobile 3D scanning company Scandy has released a new app for devices on Google's Tango mobile AR platform that gives users the advanced 3D scanning capabilities.

With Scandy Pro, Tango users can scan objects large and small to create 3D meshes that can be exported for use in other 3D modeling software, such as Unity. Scandy Pro can also be used to view 3D models made with the app or from other sources.

Scandy Pro turns Tango devices into 3D scanners. Image via Scandy

Scandy Pro is available on the Google Play Store for the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and the forthcoming Asus ZenPhone AR.

"The Scandy team is looking forward to seeing what great content the Tango user community can create with new the Scandy Pro app," said Charles Carriere, Scandy co-founder, in a news release.

Rather than leaning on the stock features built into the Tango platform, Scandy utlizes its own 3D scanning algorithms. When paired with Tango's tracking capabilities, Scandy's scanning technology can achieve higher-resolution scans than other Tango apps.

With its own algortithm paired with Tango's tracking capabilities Scandy Pro can achieve higher resolution scans. Image via Scandy

Scandy Pro also leverages the company's 3D scanning middleware, Scandy Core. Developers can integrate Scandy Core into their own apps and projects for 3D modeling, depth sensing, AR/VR, and CAD.

"We've been working on Scandy Core to make high-resolution object scanning available on mobile devices for years now, and we are thrilled to bring our expertise to Tango-enabled devices," said Cole Wiley, Scandy co-founder.

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Cover image via Scandy

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