News: Experience Holograms in Your Pocket with 4DViews' New AR & VR Mobile App

Experience Holograms in Your Pocket with 4DViews' New AR & VR Mobile App

4DViews, the volumetric capture company that films actors and performers in augmented and virtual reality for things like movies, TV series, and applications, has just released the app 4DViews: Raise Virtual to Reality, to demonstrate its technology for smartphones.

The mobile app currently displays three 4D holograms—one-on-one basketball players, a bikini model at a photoshoot, and a solo electric guitarist—in both augmented and virtual reality modes.

4DViews wanted to film actual people against a green screen to create a four-dimensional (volume and time) sequence to bring the subjects into their own virtual world, firmly rooting "the user's experience in a realistic human experience," stated 4DViews in a press email to NextReality.

Images via 4DViews

The virtual reality 4D holograms are displayed like videos, and there's no need to wear a headset, either. When in VR mode, the user can change the lighting of the holograms and swivel the avatar around, allowing for a very interactive user experience.

In AR mode, the 4D holograms need to be viewed through a target image, which the user can print out directly through the app. With the target image in hand, the user can hold it in front of the app's camera in AR mode, and the 4D hologram will appear on whatever surface is currently in front of them.

Check out 4DView's augmented reality rendering of a BMX rider below, to see this concept in action.

The 4D technology is based on "a multiple video camera technology in which all the cameras are calibrated and synchronized and behave like a unique global camera." The camera's viewpoints then retrieve the right angles for calculating the 4D model.

This is different from standard 3D scanning. 4DViews uses volumetric capture—a technique used to film footage in three dimensions for viewing in mixed reality—to record dynamic sequences, or, as seen above, people in motion. 4DViews noted that the "result preserves the subject's body expressions and emotional states."

Image via 4DViews

Ultimately, the company wants you to feel like you are "on stage next to to your favorite music band," and they will eventually add on to the app to incorporate more user-friendly experiences such as "interacting in the story of a movie face to face with the main actors."

The 4DViews app is free and works on both Android and iOS devices. For Android, it works best on newer phones like the Galaxy S7, and takes almost 500 MB of space. For iOS, it works best on an iPhone 6S Plus (other phones running iOS 9 or higher will work too), but the app is over 1 GB. Install the app to start experiencing the magic of VR and AR from the comfort of your own phone.

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Cover image via 4DViews

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