News: Now You Can Drive Elon Musk's Tesla Cybertruck in AR from the Comfort of Your Home via iOS & Android

Now You Can Drive Elon Musk's Tesla Cybertruck in AR from the Comfort of Your Home via iOS & Android

What do you do when your favorite new car is still two years away from hitting the road? Look to augmented reality, of course.

That's what one app developer did in the wake of Elon Musk's Tesla Cybertruck reveal a couple of weeks ago. Now, anyone looking to get their own up-close look at the Cybertruck can use the unofficial and non-Tesla affiliated app called AR Cybertruck to experience Musk's vehicle firsthand.

The app, which is available to iOS and Android devices, is straightforward: you get an AR Tesla Cybertruck model scaled to the truck's real dimensions, thus giving you the ability to see if it will literally fit into your life.

In the case of one YouTuber who tried the app (video below), he found that the Cybertruck will simply be too large to house in his garage.

Aside from using the app to test how the truck might fit (or not) into your world, it can also be used to see what it looks like next to real-world cars and trucks.

In addition to giving you the ability to check the size of the vehicle, the app also allows you to play with a few things, including turning on the innovative back and front lights, opening and closing the tonneau (which doubles as a solar power array on the real vehicle), and lowering the hatch.

After you're done fiddling with those bells and whistles, you can also change the truck from its standard stainless steel exterior to a matte black version, an option Musk has confirmed will be available when the vehicle arrives in late 2022.

And if you're not able to accommodate the giant truck in your home, even in AR, the app also comes with a handy "mini version" of the Cybertruck that you can examine on your desk. If that weren't enough, the app even has a control that lets you drive the AR version of the Cybertruck through the real world.

The app developer is charging $2 for the app, which might seem steep for such a bare-bones app, but since so many (250,000 at last count) spent $100 just to pre-order the vehicle, there's probably a decent number of Tesla fans out there looking for something exactly like this.

Just this weekend, Musk took the truck out for a spin in public, but since few of us are likely to get a Cybertruck loaner from the eccentric entrepreneur, this new app may be the next best thing until the real thing is ready.

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