News: Snapchat Lays Up Lens Studio Experience for Nike's Jordan Brand at NBA All-Star Weekend

Snapchat Lays Up Lens Studio Experience for Nike's Jordan Brand at NBA All-Star Weekend

Nike and Snapchat, having already reigned triumphant with its viral augmented reality ad featuring Lebron James, are teaming up with another basketball legend at NBA All-Star Weekend

This year's site for the league's annual star-studded event, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday, is Charlotte, North Carolina, the current home of Charlotte Hornets owner and perhaps the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

As such, this weekend presents the ideal setting to promote Nike's Jordan Brand via Snapchat.

Lenses by (from left to right) Allie Jackson, Ben Knutson, and Shaun Lakey. Image by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

But just another AR Lens accessed via a Snapcode won't do for this event. Instead, Snapchat will host a Lens Studio workshop at The Mint Museum Uptown for members of the NikePlus loyalty program.

Allie brought her A-game with this World Lens. Images by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

Three of Snapchat's Official Lens Creators, Alie Jackson, Ben Knutson, and Shaun Lakey, will guide participants through the desktop development tool as they create their own Lenses with Jordan Brand assets. The newly-minted AR artists will walk away with their own Snapcode to share their work with their friends and followers.

(1) Allie Jackson, (2) Ben Knutson, (3) Shaun Lakey. Images via Snap

If you don't happen to be in Charlotte this weekend, or if you are and you decide not to join the NikePlus clan, you can still try out the Lenses created by the event's Lens Studio coaches using the Snapcodes (above) via the Snapchat app. (I like Jackson's the best, particularly for the rear camera content.)

By giving NikePlus members the chance to take ownership of their own creativity, the experience ties in nicely with Nike's "Own the Game" ad campaign that the company is conducting for the Jordan Brand on All-Star Weekend.

Moreover, the workshop will serve as a demonstration as to just how easy it is to create AR experiences using Lens Studio, as there's no computer programming experience necessary to begin using the tool.

If, with a little coaching, AR neophytes can emerge from The Mint Museum Uptown with their own AR creation, then this little event could result in an empowering experience that attendees end up passing on to many others.

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Cover image via Nike/YouTube

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