Apple AR: Redbubble Throws Pillows in AR with ARKit Update

Redbubble Throws Pillows in AR with ARKit Update

While IKEA will employ ARKit to help you see how that new couch looks in your living room, Redbubble wants to show you throw pillows that match.

Redbubble, an online marketplace for clothing and home décor from independent artists, has updated its iOS app to enable customers to preview throw pillows via ARKit.

Eligible items include the "try in your home" button to begin the AR experience. The app scans for surfaces, such as couches and chairs, and places the item virtually. Users can move the pillows around and see how the items look in different lighting. They can also examine the texture of the fabric and compare various colors.

Image by Redbubble/PR Newswire

In the future, the company expects to expand the items that can be previewed in the app. For example, users will be able to virtually try-on tshirts and preview laptop stickers. Redbubble also teases the potential for visualizing artwork on walls through the app.

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Cover image via Redbubble/PR Newswire

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