News: Rémy Martin Distills Art Through Augmented Reality App to Promote Its Cognac

Rémy Martin Distills Art Through Augmented Reality App to Promote Its Cognac

Another branding team has stepped up to the bar to order a tall glass of augmented reality for its marketing campaign, this time through a mobile app for Rémy Martin VSOP Limited Edition cognac.

Available in the App Store, the ARt by Rémy Martin app displays AR versions of the abstract works of artist Matt. W. Moore in the user's physical environment.

The digital creations can be seen through the camera view of ARKit-compatible iPhones and iPads. As is the case with many AR mobile apps, users can also capture images and video of the experience to share with others.

Image by Rémy Martin/YouTube

"Through augmented reality, let's create things that have never been seen before," said Moore in a statement. "A big part of my drive as an artist is to reach as many eyes as possible ... This collaboration really shows the possibility of celebrating differences and harmonizing our histories."

And, in this case, ARt isn't just a clever way to write "AR art." For the company's campaign, the word actually stands for "Augmented Reality Tour." As such, Rémy Martin will take the experience on an actual tour, with New York, London, Moscow, and Shanghai listed among the stops.

Image by Rémy Martin/YouTube

Working in an abstract digital style he calls "Vectorfunk," the famed location of Cognac, France, served as Moore's muse for the campaign's augmented reality art.

"My first goal was to design all of the different existing elements: the grapes, vines, leaves, sunbursts, custom typography for VSOP, and the overall flow of the compositions," said Moore. "Once we established a healthy library of illustrated assets, the next step was to compose them in clever ways for each of the different applications — gift box, bottle label and beyond."

This isn't Rémy Martin's first sip of AR. The spirits maker previously partnered with augmented reality studio Kazendi to brew an AR activation for the HoloLens that told the company's origin story.

The brand's approach to AR marketing is very similar to the strategies previously employed by The Macallan and Patrón Tequila, using art and/or the story behind the product to evoke the brand aesthetics that reflect the tastes of their respective audiences. However, in this case, the AR experiences are so whimsically abstract, they're probably best experienced while sober, before taking a sip of the product.

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Cover image via Rémy Martin

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