News: Sherwin-Williams Uses Augmented Reality to Take the Guesswork Out of Paint Color Selection

Sherwin-Williams Uses Augmented Reality to Take the Guesswork Out of Paint Color Selection

Do you see a red door and wonder if it might be a good idea to paint it black? You could "ask Ask Sherwin-Williams," or, better yet, you could just ask the new augmented reality features in the retailer's mobile app.

While the company's ColorSnap Visualizer app for iOS and Android has previously given the Bob Villas of the world the opportunity to preview paint colors through still photos, the addition of an Instant Paint feature in the app's latest update enables live previews in augmented reality.

On devices compatible with ARKit and ARCore, Instant Paint easily recognizes walls and can virtually paint them with more than 1,500 shades of color from the retailer's inventory.

Images by Sherwin-Williams/YouTube

"Using emerging AR technology, this new feature virtually transforms a space before picking up a brush," said Meghan Vickers, Sherwin-Williams' e-business marketing director, in a statement. "Instant Paint provides a fast, seamless way for homeowners and professionals to build confidence during color selection."

The app is even capable of virtually painting around outlets and wall hangings. But as you can see in the images below, the results are a bit uneven. Nevertheless, the effect is enough to give users a sense of what to expect when the real painting work is done.

Images by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

Marketing departments are increasingly seeing the value in using augmented reality for try-before-you-buy scenarios, such as cosmetics, furniture, and automobiles. However, the home improvement sector provides another level of utility, where buying decisions are often more impactful with regard to household upgrades and home decor investments.

Seeing how home improvements from water faucets and light fixtures to countertops and even awnings look can help consumers make more confident decisions. Now, previewing paint color in real world contexts will give homeowners yet another virtual tool, while helping another company move units.

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Cover image via Sherwin-Williams

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