News: Taylor Swift Invites You to Dance to Her Music in Augmented Reality

Taylor Swift Invites You to Dance to Her Music in Augmented Reality

Facebook's camera platform is the augmented reality vehicle of choice to promote the latest musical effort from Taylor Swift. T-Swift's new album, Reputation, dropped today. To get her fans psyched, an AR effect electrifies the user with virtual lightning, while a snippet from one of her songs plays in the background.

Previously, Lady Gaga opted for a Facebook filter to promote her Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, which premiered Sept. 22. (Personally, I'm more excited about the new Quicksand album that came out today, but they didn't use AR to promote it.)

At any rate, either Facebook is more thirsty for sponsorship, or Snapchat is more judicious about how many sponsored filters they run at a time. The former's promotional filters, which include everything from those mentioned herein to the forthcoming movies, Justice League and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, among others, far outnumber the latter's offering, a single sponsored filter from Home Depot today.

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Cover photo by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

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