Apple AR: Get a Detailed Look at the Killington Ski Trails Using a 3D Map

Get a Detailed Look at the Killington Ski Trails Using a 3D Map

One of the latest demos made with Apple's ARKit is a new way of checking out maps, more specifically ski trail maps. When looking at possible ski trails to ride on, it can be difficult to tell what a trail is actually like. However, thanks to ARKit, you can view a 3D, detailed map of ski trails to decide which one is right for you.

The demo was posted on Twitter by app developer company Green Lake Technology. It was made to depict the Killington ski trail but could be possible for any trail, especially since the company is developing a map app.

If the app is anything like the demo, we're excited. Not only is the 3D map spatially accurate, but it also shows the terrain, bumps, and roads in extreme detail. This could be incredibly useful for anyone participating in activities from skiing to biking to hiking as it's easy to use and easy to access anywhere.

There's no word about when this app will be available, it will likely come sometime in the fall. Either way, this exciting map innovation could prove to be the new way of finding the best route for where you need to go.

Check out the full demo here!

Images by Greek Lake/Giphy (1, 2)

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Cover image via Green Lake App/Twitter

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