News: Apple's Updated Clips App Lets You Put Yourself Inside the World of The Incredibles 2

Apple's Updated Clips App Lets You Put Yourself Inside the World of The Incredibles 2

One of Apple's most touted (but seldom seen on social media) apps, Clips, got an update on Wednesday.

The new update adds to the app's previous movie-inspired environments that use the iPhone's TrueDepth camera system to allow a user to put themselves inside a 360-degree immersive environment while taking selfies.

This time the app has added a scene from Pixar's The Incredibles 2 movie, which includes a special cameo appearance from the film's lead character, Elastigirl. Other new backgrounds include a mad scientist's lab à la Frankenstein (complete with lightning effects), a backyard garden environment, an old Western-themed town, a rain forest, and a cloud environment.

Image via Apple

Each environment includes sounds effects to match the immersive setting, giving the filter an even more realistic effect.

However, while using the app on an iPhone X, I noticed that after just a few minutes the app asked me to quit because the phone was overheating.

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

That adds at least one data point as to why the Clips app, widely acknowledged as impressive, has failed to catch on with many users (if its absence from social media sharing is any indication).

Nevertheless, if you're willing to deal with the occasional overheating alert, the app is an incredible display of Apple's software-meets-hardware ingenuity. The Clips app (version 2.0.5 update) is free and available to anyone using an iPhone or iPad Pro with a built-in TrueDepth camera.

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Cover image via Pixar/YouTube

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