News: Augmented Reality & VR Take Flight in New Airbus iPhone App

Augmented Reality & VR Take Flight in New Airbus iPhone App

While flying can be a frustrating and sometimes nerve-racking experience, Airbus is banking on augmented reality features in its new iflyA380 app for iPhones and iPads to help passengers learn to love the ordeal.

In addition to booking flights on an Airbus A380, discovering new destinations, and managing boarding passes like most apps from airlines, while in-flight, the free app employs AR to inform its passengers by identifying points of interest appearing outside of the A380's windows. The app also offers a virtual reality walk-through of the cabin and cockpit.

Image by Airbus Aircraft/YouTube

And when passengers are on the ground, the app endeavors to educate and entertain using AR. Users can view a 3D globe in their physical environment, with animations displaying flight routes, and a mini-game allows users to trace a line in their surroundings by moving their device around them and then follow a virtual A380 as it flies along the path.

Images by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

"The iflyA380 app is a new step for Airbus towards offering digital services that directly benefit consumers and allow them to design their own experiences," said Marc Fontaine, Airbus digital transformation officer, in a statement.

Within one app, Airbus manages to leverage the two top use cases for augmented reality in marketing: it informs customers on products and services and engages them with fun features. Aside from a lot of the gimmicks we've seen companies employ with AR marketing, this app is a refreshingly practical standout among the pack.

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Cover image via Airbus Aircraft/YouTube

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