News: Corona Taps Blippar to Promote Its Hard Seltzer Line with AR Games & Recipes

Corona Taps Blippar to Promote Its Hard Seltzer Line with AR Games & Recipes

Despite the unfortunate social media-driven association of Corona beer with the virus behind a global pandemic, beverage maker Constellation Brands has pushed its marketing forward like a lime through the mouth of a beer bottle.

The brand's latest effort leverages an AR experience to entice drinkers with the Corona Hard Seltzer line of "spike sparkling water."

Built on Blippar's web-based AR technology, the AR experience opens a portal to a virtual beach, perhaps somewhere in Mexico, with the various flavors of Corona Hard Seltzer arranged in a circular formation. Users can access recipes and play mini-games associated with each flavor. In addition, they can order the products via grocery delivery service Basketful.

Images by Blippar/YouTube

"Augmented Reality is reinventing how brands connect with their consumers, wherever they may be. Corona Hard Seltzer is committed to offering consumers an opportunity to find their pure beach vibes in a way that is unique to our brand," said Rene Ramos, vice president of experiential marketing at Constellation Brands, in a statement. "The AR experience allows them to step into a tropical oasis in an innovative way."

The immersive experience will be available via digital ads and social media targeted to consumers in more than 15 US states. In addition, customers can scan QR codes on product packaging to unlock the experience.

After emerging from bankruptcy, Blippar has set its sights on AR advertising to monetize its technology. As part of this approach, the company added web-based AR capabilities to its Blippbuilder platform shortly after relaunching. One of the more lucrative areas for technology is the food and beverage industry, with companies like PepsiCo and Cadbury among the company's clients.

"Online purchases will account for up to 20% of all food and beverage sales by 2025, which are predicted to be worth over $25B. Whether activated through digital ads or product packaging, COVID-19 has accelerated the need to create a new reality where physical and virtual brand experiences are intertwined," says Faisal Galaria, CEO of Blippar commented. "Our campaign with Corona Hard Seltzer does just this and highlights how AR can enhance product packaging to drive brand engagement while delivering tangible results and accurate analytics to reach and understand consumers and forge deeper connections."

However, Blippar also has stiff competition in this realm, with 8th Wall and Zappar also pursuing food and beverage campaigns with their respective web-based AR platforms. In fact, 8th Wall recently launched an AR experience for 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red, coincidentally featuring rapper and Corona pitchman Snoop Dogg. Meanwhile, Zappar's technology has supported campaigns involving Body Armor and Shackleton Whisky.

With brands like Jack Daniel's and Coca-Cola also embracing AR, there might very well be enough AR business to go around.

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