News: You'll Soon Be Exploring Haunted Basements with Upcoming AR Horror Game

You'll Soon Be Exploring Haunted Basements with Upcoming AR Horror Game

If you've ever wanted to scour the basement of a Hollywood hotel looking for evidence of a gruesome murder spree, this new AR experience might be the game for you.

Horror games have changed drastically over the years to make you feel like you're in the story. Video horror games like "Until Dawn" and "Outlast" let you make choices to try and survive the horror story that the game is telling. Mixed reality has further changed the horror game scene by making games that are even more immersive, mostly with VR. There haven't been many strong AR horror games, so the possibilities for augmented reality horror have been largely unexplored.

Now, Clever Fox is stepping up with a major AR horror game called "The Summoning", directed by Derek Dreyer. It casts users in the role of an urban explorer, ghost hunting in the basement of a Hollywood Hotel. Users will have to follow a trail of evidence using their phone to uncover a hidden dimension within the basement as they try to investigate the murders by fictional occultist Raphael Davidson in 1987. The game promises to be terrifying, graphic, and gruesome.

The game's official description according to Clever Fox's website says:

In the Summer of 1987 the followers of occultist Raphael Davidson went on a killing spree that stunned Hollywood. The murders lead authorities to the basement of the dilapidated Hotel Magnolia. When the police raided the hotel they were shocked to find no traces of the cult or its leader. It was as if they had vanished into thin air, but they left something in their place… something so terrifying that the city sealed the building. You and your group of urban explorers are about to enter the basement of the Magnolia. Untouched for 30 years you'll be the first people to document this forgotten crime scene. Using your smartphone to reveal a hidden dimension will you survive learning the secret of The Summoning?

"The Summoning" will debut at ScareLA next week, August 5-6. People will be able to play this in a unique AR experience at the convention. Clever Fox is going all out for the debut of this game, making it into an entire exhibit. Those who want to play will enter into period sets, frightening lighting, projection effects, and even an original score. The company is doing everything they can to bring this story to life, and make sure that if you're playing the game, you become part of the game.

Which, of course, means you're going to be right in the middle of a gruesome horror story, but that's the fun of it.

If you can't make it to ScareLA to try the debut of this AR experience, you will be able to play at Arqade Immersive Entertainment Complex in LA starting mid-August.

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Cover image via Mysticsartdesign/Pixabay

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