News: Augmented Reality App Lets You See the Tesla Model 3 Before It Ships

Augmented Reality App Lets You See the Tesla Model 3 Before It Ships

Buyers can't wait for their Tesla Model 3 to be delivered. But with no clear arrival date in sight, buyers are starting to get a little antsy waiting to see what the Tesla Model 3 will look like up close. Luckily, Tesla accessories seller EVANNEX partnered with technology firm Kinetic Vision to try and satisfy buyers for a while by creating an app that lets you view an augmented reality Tesla Model 3 that's nearly life sized.

According to a post on their blog, EVANNEX decided to create this app because they wanted a video comparison for the Model S and Model 3 right away since there haven't been any side by sides of the two together. All you need is a smartphone and a business card-like target that you can download from the company's website.

Once you print out the target on the website, you can search "kinetic vision ar experience" which will lead you to EVANNEX's app. When you've downloaded it, you can allow the app to access your camera and then point the camera at a target. A 3D model of the Model 3 will appear on the card. From there, you can make resize the model and open it up to take a look at the interior.

While this doesn't compare to the real thing, an app like this does garner excitement about the car and could hold you over till you get one, whether or not you're a buyer.

Check out a demo of this app below!

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Cover image via Tesla Geeks/YouTube

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